As a toddler, Jeremy Scott suffered from a huge hole in his aorta valve that cruelly denied him the opportunity to live the life of a normal healthy child. At just four years of age Jeremy underwent Open Heart Surgery at the hands of renowned surgeon Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes. Thirty four years later with practically no experience or training, Jeremy took the unbelievably courageous plunge and began a 2 ½ year, 51,916km bicycle ride that would see him cycle through 29 countries from London to New Zealand.

While separate encounters with the Iranian and Filipino Mafia had Jeremy fearing for his life, it was the beautiful acts of kindness offered by strangers throughout the world that will forever warm his heart.

While this beautiful story of self-discovery will leave you feeling genuinely inspired, Jeremy’s stunning photographs from the road will render you speechless in this stunning publication.

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The Long Road From A Broken Heart is not only a story about life in the saddle, it is story about the beautiful side of humanity and an example of what someone can achieve if they believe in themselves and have the courage to chase their dreams.

Jeremy will be donating 10% of the RRP on every book sold towards either the New Zealand, Australian and British Heart Foundations depending on where that book was sold.
Jeremy Scott

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