Blog Entry Number One :)

16 November 2014


Hey guys....welcome to my new website. I hope you like it as much as I do. It looks pretty damn sharp if I may say so myself :)

When I finished Forest Gumping it around the globe on my bike I genuinely feared I might end up twiddling thumbs and feeling lost as attempted to re-enter 'the real world'. 

The reality could not have been any further from that as I launched head first into the writing of 'The Long Road From A Broken Heart'. For the last 4 months or so I have been locked away from the world in my gimp cupboard working insanely long hours as I attempted to get the book ready for Christmas. Well...the hard work paid off as next week 5000 books will be printed and on their way to Australia, New Zealand and England - just in time for Christmas. 

The books should reach New Zealand and Australia around 10th December while books to the UK will arrive a week or so later. As dates are locked in I will let everyone know.


Upcoming Events

4th December 2014 - It is an honor to have been invited by the Australian Heart Foundation to attend a function in Sydney along with all of their big sponsors and supporters. 


21-22nd February 2015Adventure Travel Expo, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia

Following on from their highly successful exhibition recently held in Sydney, I will once again be acting as their Ambassador for their upcoming expo in Melbourne. I cannot wait as their Sydney Expo was a load of fun and I met so many really cool people. Please check out their website for details. 

To anyone in Melbourne who loves travel; this will be one expo not to miss. 

There are a few VERY exciting opportunities coming up in New Zealand that may get me back there next year but I shall let everyone know as things develop.

Although I am still incredibly busy I am loving the new challenges that are evolving since I stopped cycling back in May.

Fingers crossed I will be writing again very soon with updates on events. Ciao for now....